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Health Science Partnership

For High School Students

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Advantages of HSP Participation for H.S. Students

Participants in the Health Science Partnership program receive one-on-one or small group counseling and mentoring from college-level science students. They also have the opportunity to visit a college campus in order to examine the educational requirements and opportunities for future health care careers. This program often opens their eyes to a variety of previously unknown possibilities and pathways.

UCR Campus Tours

Every year, partner schools bring their health science studetns to tour UCR. these visits provide students with a a walking tour of the campus, an admissions workshop, and panels with premedical students.

Past Presentation Topics

Past HSP presentation topics include:

Health Career Preparation
  • Introduction to health careers
  • Health careers & what it takes to get there
  • Problem based learning activity: Cholecystits
  • Problem based learning activity: the Prognosis App
  • Introduction to the Patient Care Team
Professional Development
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume writing
  • Personal statements
Study Skills
  • Time management
  • Finding your best learning style
  • Notetaking
  • Study strategies
  • Study tips and how to pass your exams
College Admissions
  • Truths & myths about college
  • Personal statements
  • How to pay for college and steps to get there
  • College life
  • College application process
  • Careers & selecting a major

What past students have said about their Health Science Partnerships experience

"They were a motivation to continue my career"

"It made me personally feel a bit more confident about the transition between high school and college"

"They really inspired me even more to pursue my dream to go to college even further and take more risks and don’t be afraid to ask questions"

"I feel more motivated to go to college and pursue my career choice"

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